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Monday, March 21, 2005

Looking Back...

This is what we can technically call a half-yearly appraisal. I hate writing appraisals like any one of you, anyway who wants to judge oneself, it should better be restricted to movies and other peoples, its lot more interesting that way. But I think I should do a small appraisal and a small award ceremony for my blog. Seems so self-obsessed, ya I am!

Six months ago, I started my blog and wrote some philosophizing stuff, some memoirs, some anti-self-help stuff and some other things, but in the later half it moved mainly to movies with one or two personal posts here and there. Some of the friends stopped reading my blog after that transition, but some new joined the club. The question is that does it matter how many people read your blog, I thinks it matters. Not to a limit that I expect comments on each post but I do like comments, some of the comments are really comprehensive and resonating to what you feel.

Now what I feel of my blog. One thing is obvious, I donot feel great or that sort. Its an average stuff. I have recieved lots of reactions for my blog, some are really horrifying as they declared my blog is a self-help stuff (I felt really bad, then I realised the dangers of expressing yourself in public and not able to do so properly), some were really sensible comments which were honestly critical. Other were satirical suggestions like why don't you change its name to 'Look Who's Watching', as blog transformed into movie mouthpiece.

Now the *much waited* awards ceremony. This is like being Javed Aktar and getting all the nominations, I was never so sure that I will win !

And the Nominations are:

Best post:
Loss of Innocence
Travis Bickle
Opposite of Love

Best Movie Review
La Strada
Wild Strawberries
Cries and Whispers
Wings of Desire

Best Satire ( I haven't written much in this catergory, I think all that I wrote got nominated)
The Art of Procrastination
I'm such a loser
The Art of Mass Songs
Amusement in crap

Best Memoir (Same as the Satire category, not much stuff written here too)
School Time Friends
About Teachers
Back from home
Last Days

and here are the awards...

Best post : Travis Bickle (Some of friends mailed me about who's is Travis)

Best Movie Review: Wild Strawberries ( I liked this movie too much, thats why I like the review too)

Best Satire : I'm such a loser (I felt vindicated when one or two people googled for self-help stuff from Shiv Khera and found my blog)

Best Memoir: School time friends (I recently met Neelu, she is getting married)

Now the awards for the worst...

Worst post: Pain ( It was really painful to write it and after I wrote it, I got a comment that your blog is self-help which scared me. I seriously think and feel guilty of making the beauty of pain look formulative and unpleasurable)

Worst Movie Review: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (I have done a great disservice to a great movie, I revealed the plot so stupidly, please donot read it)

And now the readers choice award
Most Googled post :
Listen this... (Thanks to Rabbi Shergill)

And it ends here and as usual I don't feel good after evaluating what I write because I feel it should be left to those who read but as of now my immediate fear is that this post might not win any raspberry awards !

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