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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Pain is a reflection of our emotions when inflicted with some form of discomfort. Its is a difficult feeling, but at the same time very vital. Pain is normal and even natural. Its purpose to to inform us and we need to learn from it. Also without it we will not be able 'really' appreciate the feeling of pleasure. How much we want to run away from pain but in any form of reality, it is sure to exist. Physical pain is rather easy to bear as we have our reasoning intact, and this type of pain is simple to understand, it pains because it’s bleeding. Emotional pain is more difficult to cope with as it directly affects our ability to think objectively. Body easily surrenders to such pain. Sometimes physical pains can be pleasurable, a classic example is childbirth. But emotional pain is almost always painful, but we cannot say it’s harmful. Pain leave deep imprints on you, they live with you, they change you. Even if we think of physical pain, the wounds heal with time, but the emotional trauma attached to it haunts us long after the physical scars are gone.

Pain becomes far more dangerous when we are not able to express it; this soundless pain is a slow and painful killer. There may be many reasons why we cannot express it, one is fear, other may be we are not sure whether to express it or not and if yes, how? One of age old recipe to abase the effect of pain is to express it. But it is not of much help, at least in the latter case. One more cure, which can be implemented, is to find the cause of pain and try to kill it. This works fine for physical pain when we can think objectively, but in case of emotional pain, things are not that straight. Other cure is to take some help from others. Here also, help means correct help, not any help. Now how to find whether it is a correct help or not. This again is dependent on some rational thinking. Probably, a help will qualify to be a correct help if it helps the person to solve the problem, not solves the problem for him/her, also it should not be any imposed help, and it should not solve by obscuring the problem and by giving some comfortable, yet false solution. These types of fake-helps will defeat the purpose of the pain inflicted.

There may be many different theories on why we experience pain. Some of the pains are self-inflicted, and others are attributed to forces not under our control. As far as, self inflicted pains are concerned they are more complex in nature and more painful to bear. Pain coming from external source is easier to bear because we never own the cause, so it’s easy to disown the result too. But in case of external pain sometimes the frustration that we are not able to change the factors that effects us give us more pain than the actual case. In that case too, the internal pain is still more difficult to bear, because the frustration not to control oneself is more hurtful.

The cause of pain range from a direct discomfort to us to a remote discomfort to someone else (this ' someone else' can be a loved one or any stranger from any geography), from wrong done to you to the wrong done by you and the guilt associated, from an external flush of emotions to an internal civil war. Seems like we are going through a complex mixture of pains at any point in time. Some people/philosophies also say that our associations with external world result in more pain. This can be true but what can be done with the internal pain and is it fine to run away from the world because it is painful to be with it. Sometimes, this running itself results in internal pain.

Also, pain is very personal experience. Pain is conceived and experienced differently by everyone. It’s mainly because we react to different situations differently. Since it is such a personal thing, people (other than who is experiencing it) tend not to understand it fully and hence cannot provide the correct help.

When it is even difficult to understand a pain that you experience, its seems childish to write about it in general. But there can be a general consensus on some of things like pain hurts, its quiet normal/natural/essential and there is no escaping it.


ink blot said...

Hey Anurag,
One thing that hits me on the face as i go through your posts is the lack of casualness. These posts are presentations prepared for some one to read. This is where you want to present yourself. But this lack of casualness is probably stifling you in style if not in content. Or rather mebbe in content as well. The very reason that you are not casual about the blogs makes you review, edit and rereview your blogs to the extent they loose their freshness. All said and done its you who are posting and you would only post what ever you want to, but still try pondering on my suggestion to stop looking at your blogs as the medium the readers/yourself would judge you. Let some freedom and freshness into them so that the reader feels the blog as if its a splach of cool water on the face. I hope I have communicated what i wanted to ..

anurag said...

I think, what you mean to say by saying casualness is rawness (I am just assuming).

Rawness of the matter does make it more interesting, and the blunt ends do infuse some pleasure (as you say 'splash of fresh water'). But when I write about certain topics ( like, love, innocence, pain ..), I cannot be raw. and their is a reason for it. The reason is simple, I haven't tasted these emotions in their rawest form (yet) and I donot have very strong opinion about them. What I write is mostly based on ifs and buts and try to surf logically (acc. to me) to deduce some conclusions or to find some sort of a theory.

As far as the way/quality of writing is concerned, there is no second opinion it needs to be improved. As far as editing is concerned, I just do a spell check & for long time I am hearing about grammatical 'blunders'. I thought I need to improve on that editing thing.

In a corporate way, 'I will take it as a positive feedback and work towards it'. Actually it means 'go write in you own blog' :)))))

ink blot said...

I never meant casualness as rawness. Let me take another chance to explain what i meant.

Most of the posts (with a little editing) qualify as decent essays on those topics. And i am not interested in reading essays which neighther have style nor content which is new to me. Why would i read your post -- only when its interesting and it would be interesting when either it is very informative which is not the case here or it should have a flavour and style which would bring me back to the blog which again is lacking here.

Then going a step forward i see that you are indded good to talk to and i have always found your style interesting and enjoyable so much so that i would long to talk to you. So some where this style is being lost as you post. That is what makes your blogs so uninteresting. And so when i meant casualness -- this is exactly i wanted back .. your true style which would freshen up your posts. Rawness and casualness are not synonymous but .. yes some time when you are casual you can be raw...

awaiying ur response