{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Friday, February 18, 2005


Fun and self destruction, painting and filing, clinging and letting it go are some of the choices we take on day today basis and we start realizing that they matter to us more than we might casually think. The choices to decide which side of the thin line we should fall, takes much of our lives. Life is too hard a topic to comprehend, so easy to write off and too very tempting to invite a nasty comment every now and then.

Seeing life with purple glasses or with blue filters do make it different but its very nature of a lover-bitch remains the same, its tempts you and messes with you, and you don't mind it to an extent that can check you from messing with it again or it with you. Its not so funny game but life keeps us going. We get in terms with the life so many times that it looks life is almost static and we are the one who are moving with no tangible purpose or force and punching the blameless life like a sandbag. This is not to restate that life confuses us, but it is to restate the other obvious thing that life interests us, intrigues us, tempts us to a level that we become almost involved to its unbearable loss of control. It may be regarded as a fine puzzle or a bizarre game but that will be underrating it.

Life is a pursuit to find something, life is to survive, life is to evolve but life is also to understand it. It is just like a Guinea Pig trying to find out which experiment he is subjected to and more importantly why. This possibility interest me, the possibility of knowing life as it would have been if I am not a part of it sure is tempting. 'Life is a mystery' may be regarded as the most true cliché but saying it do puts life in a Ph.D. zone, I would like it to be a mandatory subject at our schools provided nobody teaches us and we mark our own sheets.

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