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Monday, December 13, 2004

Listen this...

I am currently listening to a new Punjaabi album, 'Rabbi'. It is sung/composed/written by Rabbi Shergill. Its is really nice stuff. Almost all the songs are good in terms of lyrics and music, which is so rare these days. Flooded by the similar sounding Punjabi pops, it is a welcome respite. It do break into the bhangra beats, but very decently and there are always good lyrics and music to back it.

Here, you can hear 'Baba Bulle Shahs' Sufiana 'Bulle ki jana' and an excellent 'Heer'. 'Ishtihar' is also good but probably it sounded bit slow to me, but the lyrics are just too good to make for the pace (you can feel when you hear 'Sonni fabbat'). Apart from Bulla ki Jana (Baba Bulle Shah), 'Heer'(Varis Shah) and Ishtihar (Shiv Batalavi), all the lyrics are by Rabbi Shergill, no less beautiful than the others.

And there are more to this album, you have 'Tere Bin' and 'Ajj Nachhna', very hummable. But one of the best songs is the last song called 'Jugni'.

Teri bin sanu sohnia, koi hor nahio labhna,
Jo Dave ruh ko sakoon, chukke jo nakhra mera

Those who understand Punjabi, its a treat to listen this album, for those who donot understand the language, there is so much else to hear and feel and there is an illustrative inlay card. For I fall someway in between and have a repo of listening to Tamil and Malayalam songs, I felt at home.

Side by side, I am listening to Mughal-E-Azam, some of the songs which didn't appear in its colored-avatar are not to be missed. They include 'Aye Ishq yeh sab Duniyawale' and 'Humme Kash tumse Mohabbat'. Again lyrics are treat to ears.

Aye Ishq, yeh sab duniyawaale,
bekaar ki baatein karte hain
Payal ke gamoon ka ilm nahin,
jhankaar ki baatein karte hain

Mr. Sameer, are you listening ?


kundalini said...

"jugni" was my favourite in the final take. quite stirring. even tho i'm from the same part of the woods, i took some time getting into this album, but then really did, and then heard it to death, if you know what i mean. now i cant seem to enjoy it as much.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Since i do not follow Punjabi can you please post the lyrics and meaning of the ishtihar song? the sound of the song captivates me. Thanks from Canada. Jim

anurag said...

Ya, it happens :)
I love 'Totiya Manmotiya' very much too.

Ishtihaar means advertisement in Urdu. The poet has posted an 'ishtihaar' for his lost love.


ik kurhi
jihda naam mohabbat
saad muradi
sohni fabbat
gumm hai gumm hai
gumm hai
gumm hai
gumm hai

surat osdi
parian vargi
seerat di o
Mariam lagdi
hasdi hai tan
phul ne jhardhey
turdi hay tan
ghazal hai lagdi
lamm salami
saru kadd di

umar ajey hai mar ke agdi
par naina di
gal samajhdi

gummian janam janam
han hoye
lagda iyon jyon kal
di gal hai
iyon lagdai jion ajj di gal hai
iyon lagdai jion hun
di gal hai
hune taan mere kol kharhi si
hune tan mere kol nahi hai
ai keha chhal kehi bhatkan
soch meri hairaan barri hai
os kurhi nu tol rahi hai

oss kurhi nu meri saunh hai
os kurhi nu apni saunh hai
os kurhi nu sab di saunh hai
os kurhi nu rab di saunh hai

jey kittey parhdi sunhdi hove
jeyundi jan o mar rahi hovey
ik vari aa ke mil javey
vafa meri nu daag na laavey

nahi tan maithon
jia na janda
geet koi likhia na janda
nahi tan maithon jia
na janda
geet koi likhia na janda
nahi tan maithon
jia na janda

Here is the translation:

A girl
whose name is love
simple, dainty
a lovely sight
she is lost
she is lost

Her face
A fairy's likeness,
a picture of Mary
when she laughts
the petals fall
when she walks
a melody plays
her graceful height
like a wicker tree

her years are still of nascence
but the language of eyes
she comprehends

she is lost from many
births ago
though it seems as affair of
why, it seems an affair of today
why, it seems this
moments affair
just now she stood by my side
and now she has vanished
what trick what chase is this
my senses, they're mystified
searching for that girl

I call out to that girl in my name
I call out to that girl on her name
I call out to that girl in the name of all
I call out to her in the name of god

if she reads or hears this
if she be alive or dying
come and meet me once
do not sully my devotion

lest I can't live
nor write a word
lest I can't live
nor write a word
lest I can't live

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Akshat said...

Thanks anurag for the translation. It really means a lot.

All the best.

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