{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Picture

Experiences are not a part of life, they pretty much make the life. The experiences that we undergo are like painting a picture, stroke by stroke, day by day. May be we will not be able to complete the picture in life time but its all we earn in a life time. The picture may be a true rendition of our experiences and their effects or it may be processed to look prettier or more acceptable to the popular standards. We paint this picture all the time and this picture makes the basis of any other experiences and tells us how to paint the next experience. This is not to overemphasize the importance of experiences, but to understand them as a 'tool' that carve things as the way they appear to us.

There are 'some of the times', 'some of the persons', 'some of the experiences' we want to stay with us forever, even if we are dead sure that this is not the case and we have to let them go, but latter we realize that those things stay with us, and those memories help us understand life better. Same is the case with bitter experiences, they also stay with us and form a part of us. It is to say that any experience contributes to the full picture. Not to say, we need to hurry up and gain lots of experiences to paint the picture fast to complete it. This will mar the picture totally, we need to experience every moment neatly to paint the picture. The truth of the picture is what matters not the resolution or the canvass or the fullness. This picture need not be pretty but it needs to be beautiful and its all depends on how you define beauty.

This picture is not a like assembling the pieces of a jigsaw puzzles where we have all the blocks available beforehand but here we have all the missing links and its on us, how we fill in the details based on our experiences. Each experience will change the picture slightly or add new details. Each experience will remove some fuzziness and add some more. Your picture of life will have a deep imprint of your true self, the deeper the better. This picture which starts as a picture of others ends up becoming picture of you. The way you see others is the way you think people may be seeing you and the strokes that you apply on the picture are essentially your traits, the nuances of you. You can never remove the painter's image from his creation, and it is not right to see both as separate entities.

Your picture of world is a picture of your experiences being a part of it for some time. This is what you are free to do, to make a rich beautiful picture that you may be proud of when your little time here is over.

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