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Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'm such a loser

I started with some affection for self-help because this shit is so easy to fall for. But now I abhor it in totality simply because it is disgusting.

One recent incident bought so many things to forefront. Some of my office colleagues were listening to an audio in full volume by one of the most irritating self-help gurus His-Highness-do-things-my-way-Shiv-guruji-Khera. When I heard it, I rushed to the accident place for rescue and told that its all stupidity. They are all so involved in the shit that they took my running for my want to listen to that crap.

They started it from beginning. God proclaimed things which the non-god should be doing. Non-God are losers by default, not that I mind being a loser but how is guruji so sure of that. And above all God had recipes for all the worldly problem faced by the non-gods. My colleague argued whats wrong if we follow the guruji's experimented formula, gain from it and be a Winner. The so-called experimented recipes include things like 'Do it anyway' as if its as exciting and inviting as ridiculing Shiv Khera. Now the world seemed to be divided in two sections Winners and losers. Winners are those who follow guruji and 'do it anyway' and Losers are those who think and 'do it their way'. I felt, I'm such a loser.

One of the many quotable quotes from Guruji's speech. "Losers don't want to get up in the morning and they don't, Winners also don't want to get up in the morning, but they do it ANYWAY".


Datum The Blogger said...

This is the nice blog I have ever heard about Shiv Khera. well I agree that it is better to be loser coz things should be done in a persons own own style because only them personal touch to the the sol will come. neither "do it anyway" attitude.

Hail to the first blogger DATUM who is inspiring other datums to do the stuff in "Do their own way" attitude and style.

Gr8 going anurag, but yaar thoda feka kam kiya kar..

Datum The Blogger said...

Rajat - i am sure the last comment was made by our priye kaalu. This was my first introduction to the contents of Shiv Khera's crap. Thanks for that Anurag.

Anonymous said...

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