{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I was watching Oscars and there is one moment which sent me to a though process. The guy who took Oscar for best sound editing/design ( I don't remember exactly) said it is not Science but it is Art. The whole crowd (presumably artists) clapped. The thought that it generated was 'does art still rule over science' and the basic questions, 'what is art' and 'what is science' and 'how they are related' and 'what becomes what when'?

I have almost no answers to it as always but that doesn't check me from writing about it as always. Science is rules of objectivity and Art is the beauty of subjectivism. Science is decision making based on those rules and art is decision making based on beauty that one define oneself. Me writing this post can be a work of science or art. It becomes science when a theory can explain it to totality, which is a difficult job. It becomes art when I refuse to follow any logic other than what I feel is 'true' and I don't consider necessary to give any reasons/logic to it. These arguments can trigger two different allegations for science and art. Allegation for science is it is a constraining thing, but it is not. Nobody stops you from touching the unearthed mysteries provided you have a logical explanation for the same. The allegation for art may be, its escapism and mysticism, since it either defers the answer or complexifies the question itself. It is also not the case because art is not made to explain, it is not made to give easy, logically-verificable, for-all answers, it is here to stimulate you, its here to stir you emotionally not logically, not to say it is illogical, but at times logic falls short, very short, although as a 'thinking man' we try hard to find an explanation, thus a work of art of can result in as many different explanations as the people experiencing it, and its beauty of Art.

As of me, I feel attached to both of them, use them selfishly, self indulgently, sometimes shamelessly too, just to protect my own standpoint. I try to be logical as far as I can get but turn from it whenever I feel insecure of it, void of any objective explanation. I remember one of my friend saying if world is governed by logic only, it will not be same, it will be hellish. I concur to him ! I dread of seeing any logically one dimensional art.

Art and science are typically connected as the later providing a helping hand to former. But Science is more than that, it has its own full beauty. I am not able to pin point any example but I have felt the same spiritual upswing after reading some of the scientific works as I have felt after reading/watching a piece of art. The point here is about the art in science or are they 'that' different ?

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