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Sunday, May 20, 2007

This time his name is Andreas !

Like Hour of the Wolf (trailer here), other neglected film of Bergman is The Passion of Anna, which Bergman says, he made to correct Hour of the Wolf. I saw The Passion of Anna long back, and don't remember a lot from it. This is the film where characters come in front of camera (link without subs) and tell the viewers what they think of the characters they play. It is innovative, but it dooesn't play very well, especially with the two male actors. What I remember most vividly is that The Passion of Anna ends with a mysterious line which says "This time his name is Andreas", when Andreas (played by Max von Sydow) is killed in an accident. Here is the part of interview where interviewer tries to resolve why Bergman did that.

Samuels : What was the meaning of the last line: "This time his name is Andreas".

Bergman: [Laughter] We will be back

S: I don't understand. It can mean that she's a man-eater. Because her first husband was also named Andreas, or it can mean that another human being has been destroyed in the world, "This time his name is Andreas", or that another Bergman character has been destroyed, this time named Andreas.

B: I will tell you; its much simpler. It means a sort of giving up: "This time his name is Andreas." You must feel behind the meaning another that you cannot define. For me, it expresses a feeling of boredom.

S: I don't understand.

B: I mean, "This time his name is Andreas"; But I will be back, and next time my character will have another name. I don't know what it will be, but this boring character will be back.

S: Also you ?

B: Yes. [Hearty Laughter]

and finally here is Liv Ullmann in a close up monologue from the film.


Alok said...

oh, so Bergman laughs too. Nice to know!

anurag said...

You know, in interviews, Fellini came out as a more dark man than Bergman. Bergman was always fixating on human contact and human communication, and the need of being emotional than intellectual. But Fellini was more critical of the human nature, and more doubtful of his characters. He said Cabiria was a girl who is in love with love !

Ram said...

I just watched this video clip. Monologues are the best way to make a real film. Because there is certainly no re-acting the scenes.

That lady is Awesome man.. Speaking eyes & Wonderful voice & Beautiful even when she is sad...

Hmm.. Good choice...Kudos Mr. Director.