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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

200th Post

Thanks to you all for coming here and reading. Spl. thanks to Alok for always helping me out with discussions, and Ram for reminding me about this milestone :)

Keep visiting !


bhakit said...


Congratulations and best wishes. Keep blogging (writing!).


Alok said...

Helping out with the discussions? Hahaha :)

waise, 200 is a very disapppointing figure. congrats anyway!

anurag said...

Thanks Bhakit.

Alok, Actually I thought about that sentence for some time, it did not sound right. "help out" and all, but was feeling very sleepy, so going by one of the blog-gita rules, blogging should come out natural and should reflect your current state of mind, I posted it :)

haan, its nothing to be proud of, but just an excuse for a post !

Alok said...

at this rate, next 100 shouldn't take long ;)

Ram said...

Your frequency of posting reminds me of 2 things
1. Indian population
2. Chennai Auto Meter

I would love to read what you are posting, but nowdays I am seeing that a lots of posts are on "what others say about Others/something"

Would like to see more "Anurag" in the blogs than "XYZ's comments of "ZYX"

:-0 Do I make sense??

anurag said...

Ram, I have taken your feedback and will try my best to work towards it ;)

jokes apart, point noted :)

Udan Tashtari said...

बधाई हो आपको २०० पोस्ट पूरी करने के लिये. बस लिखते रहें. शुभकामनायें.

मनीष कुमार - Manish Kumar said...

congrats dost!
abhi to 200 hi huye hain, pata nahi aur kitne padhne honge ;)
waise good milestone buddy.

Push. said...

ji sir likhte raho aur movies par jyada likho yaar [:D]

anurag said...

Udan Tashtari, Manish,.. dhanyavaad.

Push, Thanks.. sure i will ;)

Rajeev said...

बधाई हो!

Unknown said...

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