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Thursday, May 24, 2007

An Incident ...

Read this post by Vidya. She points us to the horrifying fact, how people around us take general decisions on pattern behavior based on very specific events, adding bit more to their already normalized list of observations, with casual media and reports for their easy help, and how they take unshared thinking for something destructive. I don't know why, it reminds me of this funny incident.

When I went to hospital to see one of my relatives, the person next to him was a young lad from a village near my home town. He started talking to me in the dialect I totally adore. And when we discuss our hometowns, we usually discuss, how they have changed and how everything is on a downhill. He was a brilliant young man, with exceptional power to narrate. When the topic came to day-to-day thefts in our hometown, he told a story. And he told the story with millimeter precision, the way the thieves planned it, and the process of execution with all the specifics, more like a classic detective novel, very unlike the crime reporting on TV. To this, the people in the ward were first absorbed, then amused and got little astonished and suspicious. And one of the old men, his relative, spoke in that lovely matter-of-fact voice, "Savre, dacait banega, m'haara budhaappa kharaab karega" [ Savre (an abuse which is used in a loving way, but basically means pig), will you become a dacoit, Will you spoil our old age]. And the whole ward was full of laughter. The young lad didn't take it too hard, replied "ya haspital hai, chillave na" (This is hospital, don't shout), and started eating his meals.


मनीष कुमार - Manish Kumar said...

this was a funny and serious too :)
tu bada hokar editor banega :)

anurag said...

ya, both serious and funny !

aur main bada kab hounga ;))