{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Happy Souls

As long as we cruised safe, with our sails waving
As long as we roamed fine, with our friends raving

We don't care, we haven't done anything, we are sure
We don't care, we are happy and we are pure

We never go to muddy places, we just turn on our ACs
Do we look the running types, however we have tied our laces

Please don't see us, with such horror, such disdain
This may shock us, alarm us, may even give us pain

Come to our complete comfort, here is a simple solution
Lets save our soul, lets live, lets take a little resolution

Hey dear, in shabby shoes, you question against sweet life
Love it, live it, don't treat it like your own wife

For those who find sourness in this blissful nectar
For those who search shadows under the projector

For those who show care for those who don't care
For those who can't even wear a happiness layer

Those are the people whom we should definitely aim
Catch hold of them gently, love them and tame

The dearest love may be used to the best of uses
Is human, should love, there are no excuses

We can picture you happy, why can't you
We can give you best of cud that you can ever chew

The valiant doors of heaven, will fell ashamed
When they look to the glory of the days, we framed

A mind can't fathom, what a heart may feel in a beat
Listen to it, my dear, it can never cheat

Take a leap into eternity, bring your families along
Wake up, stand and go, where you happy souls belong

Lo dear, our future is looking exceedingly bright
With gods and govts on our side, who dare can fight

So, come to us, why think, become one
So, come to us, there is no dearer fun

I bet, you will also say such sweet poems to one and all
You will sing them in tune, if you find anyone standing tall

Such is the bliss of this ordinary life
With happiness galore and pleasure rife


Alok said...

hmmm. good one.

but is it ironical or honest, I mean the tone? :)

anurag said...

Does it look honest or ironical ?

I honestly tried to be ironical.

Alok said...

i think you succeeded... :)

Indrajith said...

More words than it is worth of.