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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Almodóvar's Volver

The poster of latest Almodóvar movie, Volver, looks really cool. Check out more on the film's page and it seems that the film is based on what Almodóvar calls 'culture of death' !

This article from guardian briefly talks about the other contenders at Cannes, along with Volver.


km said...

A stunning poster, that one.

Found a VHS copy of "Talk to her" for a dollar. I can resist most things in life but not good films for a dollar!

Alok said...

looks like a repeat of all about my mother and talk to her!

anurag said...

km, thanks a lot for visiting.

alok, so you have your internet set up done. I am waiting for your next post.

Alok said...

arre bhai thora aaram karne do..

I think blogosphere can use my absence for a while ;)

gIftoFwIngs said...

I got a ripped version of the movie without subtitle :(

anurag said...

:)... do watch it like that only.

I saw Through a Glass Darkly with no subtitles and dialogues, just commentary track. Months later I saw it properly, it was a unique experience.

Alex said...

any of yopu got a sub for it??

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what style / period the artwork for the poster and end credits is? (The big flower designs)


anurag said...

alex, you can find subs here: