{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Friday, March 10, 2006


Give a moment of grief,
A handful of such moments
closely-knit, no air, no light

Make them stay here,
not a puff of smoke,
A whole pack, packed tight

Don't give an age of joy,
not even an orphan slice,
loose and earthly, very bright

Not the void of lips parting
Or an up-tight bond with destiny
just two closed eyes, no sight

May be it will work
May be it should work
Lethal, but it may be right

Don't lose your divine vision
Never stop this plight
Believe us as we do
We will always be dead quiet
and we are always here to say
Alright Alright !


Alok said...

hmmm. very mysterious :-)

xyz:) said...

these lines gave me neat thoughts...wish could experience it...
who is the poet?

anurag said...


Please don't ask for the 'poet', I feel embarrassed :)

Alok said...

poet..? hehehe :-)

you do have an intuitive grasp of something, i don't know what though.

btw, shouldn't it be 'lose' rather than 'loose'?

chandni said...

very nice!!!

probably one of the best I've read in recent times..

Keep writin!

anurag said...

Alok, ya, it should be 'lose'. Thanks.

Thanks Chandni.

Anonymous said...

Very Good Poem.

Sarcasm is just one more service we offer.

Alok said...

oh so you have got a small fan club going here !