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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


This is one of the entries from the Diary of Kafka, about a dancer, Eduardova.

The dancer Eduardova is not so pretty outdoors as on the stage. Her pallid color, those cheekbones stretching her skin so taut that there is scarcely any movement in her face, her large nose—rising as if from a deep hollow—which can’t be made into a joke, like examining the hardness of its tip or grabbing it lightly by the bridge and pulling her this way and that, saying, “Well, come along now!”, her broad figure with its high waist in far too pleated skirts—who could like that?—she almost looks like one of my aunts, an elderly lady; many people’s older aunts look like that. In fact there is no compensation at all for these disadvantages in the dancer Eduardova outdoors; aside from her quite good feet, there is really nothing that might command rapture, or amazement, or even respect. And so I have very often seen Eduardova treated with an indifference that even gentlemen who were otherwise very elegant and well-mannered could not hide, although they naturally made great efforts to do so for the sake of such a well-known dancer, which, after all, Eduardova was.


Indrajith said...

இதை இன்னாத்துக்கு எலுதினுகீற?
வேர பொயப்பில்லயா? எதனாவது நல்ல இர்ந்தா எயுது ... இல்லாங்காட்டி சும்மா கெட... இன்னாத்துக்கு மனுசன் உசுர வாங்குரே?
மக்கா நா சொல்லரத சொல்லிட்டேன்.. காப்கா கை கலுவுனத பத்தியோ, காப்க கலுவாம உட்டத பத்தியோ திரும்ப உடான்ஸ ஆரம்பிச்ச ...
மவனே உன் மாஞ்ஜா சோத்த கைல எடுத்து குடுத்துடுவேன்..

உசாரு... உசாரு...!!

Indrajith said...

ఒరేయ్ నీకె౦దుకురా ఈ ప్రకటనలు మళ్ళ ఇలా౦టిది ఏధైన రాసేవొ పకలి పోతధి.

Indrajith said...

अर्रि काप्का चॊड्कि ऒउर कुच लिकॊ

Zero said...

Shouldn't it be Diary of Kafka? :)

anurag said...

Now this sounds Kafkaesque to me, totally inscrutable. Though I got the hindi one. I think you want to say that I should write something other than Kafka. :)

Changed Dairy to Diary, thanks :)