{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Random Thoughts

Sometimes after losing all hopes, we feel free like we have finished all work. Since the work cannot be done, so it is 'done with' in a way. This feeling is not a satisfying one but nonetheless it a feeling of break from what we really don't like to do.

Sometimes, rather most of times, we have all sorts of incoherent ideas coming to our mind and we try to suppress them to think what we are supposed to. With time we try to master this art of suppression to a level we even didn't notice that we are suppressing and start falsely assuming those thoughts never came.

Most of the times, we try to be different in what ever way because we don't want to be lost in crowd. We try to make a style of our own, for which we intelligently copy from others whom we think are different, thus making them common. Some ppl even refer to it as fashion.

Most of the time, we are on an effort to change others, intentionally or otherwise. We discuss what we believe in, protect it, propagate it and preach it. We are always on a look out to effect others and change them.

Some of us, find complexity of things interesting while others like simplicity. We try to convert every thing to which ever form we like. We try to find simple theory for complex things and try to complexify simple things hence disregarding both the simplicity and complexity of things.

For most of us, life works on the combination of hints and associated guesswork. Most of the time we fail to get the puzzles and all the time we try to fit some answers to the puzzles.

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