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Friday, December 07, 2007

Year End Post(s) will come before the year ends. As of now, making list of films seen, directors discovered, some cinematic highs and lows, things read and things past. It seems that I have seen about 150-160 movies this year, three more weeks to go and with some holidays in hand, I am planning to touch 200. Lets see !


AD said...

hey! Am visiting your blog after quite a long while.
Your 'plan' sound's cool! some kinda "pre-new-year resolution" :)

All the best.

PS: I just observed that you haven't updated your photo blog since 01/07...not shooting anymore?

Anonymous said...

hey sonu...your location is not in HYD anymore

ராம் said...

7 more posts to hit 250.

Prepare something special buddy ;)

anurag said...

Thanks for visiting. I will be posting something on the photoblog soon... some 'snow' this time :)

anonymous, ohh, u r right... but it wont be even Chicago in few more weeks ;)

Thanks for reminding.

And it seems that you communicate through blog comments, but dont reply mails (I know that can be held against me too :)... and have you got a cell for yourself yet, or still in unreachable mode :D