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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bergman at Chicago

This weekend Chicago Cinema Forum has a two day tribute (Aug 11-12, '07) to Bergman at Chopin Theatre. First film at the tribute, Sawdust and Tinsel, will be introducted by Jonathan Rosenbaum, who only yesterday trashed Bergman's whole career in New York Times. World is full of irony. Anyway, if my fever is ok, I will be there, at least for the first day, because it shows two of Bergman films that I haven't seen yet.
And please vist Greencine Daily Bergman Link, it is a nice compilation of the recent articles and posts on Bergman.


bhakit said...


If you haven't do check Roger Ebert's response to Rosenbaum's article mentioned by you.
To be honest both articles were tangent to me.
Get well soon.


anurag said...

Sorry Bhakit for delay in replying. Ya, I read the Ebert article, and now Rosenbaum's also replied to that and Woody Allen came to defend Bergman and few more trying to write for and against. I do like discussions, but the kind that Rosenbaum evoked was quite stupid, because although for him his fear that Bergman is getting more attention than he really deserves may be justified, but the arguments that he gives to back his personal fancy are really thin. There are better anti-Bergman arguments, I think. Also, in order to argue against his supposedly bloated stature as an artist, to say that his whole career was overrated is simply unintelligent.

Actually, I went to the screening of Sawdust and Tinsel, where Rosenbaum introduced the film and also tried to defend the stand he took in the nytimes article, but his point was more towards Bergman being pretentious, non-modern (even in his times) and of his themes of god etc having lesser and lesser relevance today.