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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Few Links, Few Lines

1. Manasi pointed to this awesome essay by Virginia Woolf. The Woolf's Middlebrow is quite like the Nabokov's Poshlust-guy. In a way, there is nothing so new in this essay but it does put lots of things in place.

2. Bruce Baillie's short Valentin de Las Sierras was amazingly poetic and lyrical. Here are some of his films including his most famous short Castro Street.

3. A very nice review of a bad film, insightful and never going over the top or banal. I liked the phase "Our Lady of Humanitarian Narcissism". Here is the poster, this review talks about.

4. This is a nice piece of music.

5. A long discussion about American Film Noir. I haven't read it fully though.

6. Saw three excellent films, Ordet, Beau Travail and Do the Right Thing. Planning to write about them. Nice writeups here, here and here, resp.

7. I have been planning to see Battle in Heaven for long, here's a long interview with the director.

8. Gene Siskel centre is screening Boss of it all on Friday. I am looking forward to it. It will be showing Inland Empire two times this month, one would have to go both times to make something out of it. And here is my chance to see Mulholland Drive on big screen. Other film to look forward to is Into Great Silence.

9. If you have Internet than you cant make any excuse not to watch the excellent documentary The Corporation (Part 1 and Part 2). And if you still have any guilt while using p2p file sharing, see this :)

10. On the same site, you can find most of Byomkesh Bakshi too.

11. Film Director Edward Yang died of colon cancer last Friday. I have Yi yi in my collection for long, will see it on this weekend. GreenCine Daily has lots of links about him.


Alok said...


1. that essay is a gem. hadn't read it before. thank you very much.

2. Never heard of him before but sounds intriguing. Will check.

3. Don't care.

4. Listening to it now.

5. Had bookmarked it sometime back but got around to reading it.

6. Beau Travail is on my to-see list specially after watching her latest head-scratcher L'Intrus.

7. My feeling after watching his first film Japon was that he is another charlatan. A porn film made by a self-important filmstudent who has seen too much of kiarostami and tarkovsky. Reading about Battle in Heaven confirmed some of these. It still got some really rave reviews. It should definitely be worth checking out.

8. Details reports eagerly awaited.

9. that website is cool. lots of stuff there.

10. wow

11. Sad. Yi Yi tested my patience in a big way but its greatness can't be denied.

anurag said...

thanks for the detailed comment... :)