{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Openings and The Endings.

The Openings

1. Woyzeck : Nabokov said in his essay on Metamorphosis that 'beauty plus pity' is the closest we can get to a definition of art. If it is so then this is the example. Also its my favorite Herzog film, although I haven't seen many.

2. The Player : And they talk about long shots and "great" Hollywood stories.

3. Persona : This opening sequence alarms you that it is not a easy road ahead.

The Endings (Spoilers Ahead)

1. Nights of Cabiria. I think, the most humane and heart breaking theme of art is 'misfits having desires', and how they are brutally crushed by the fitter tribe. Fellini adds another dimension.

2. Blue : Is this what they mean when they say "pull all the strings together" !

3. Sunset Blvd : Another misfit having desire. Beauty plus pity !


Anonymous said...

Did you like the ending of Woyzeck. actually not the end sequence, the slo-mo killing sequence before that ?

Also we can add few in the great themes of art:

1. Desire of a Pervert
2. Crushing effects of Conforming.
3. Rejection to Conform ( which is almost same as "misfit's desire")

I cant think of more...

neways, thanks for the post


km said...

Ah, so many great films in there.

How about the ending of Herzog's "Aguirre"? What a great film!

anurag said...

arunava, I loved that sequence, but not able to find any video on youtube or elsewhere.

and the theme list goes on & on :)

thanks for visiting..

km, I really liked the ending of the film, but I felt that the film finished a bit too fast. I didnt know why but I felt so !