{Of all lies, art is the least untrue - Flaubert}

Friday, November 10, 2006


Nothing can cure my melodrama
There is no convalescence
My emotions, inane,
unbearable, without essence

Behind my walls, I must silently weep
I must smolder to avoid burning
Behind my back someone should stand
Support me without ever turning

Hope might forsake me, but not a tear
I must cry out what I can not bear
I may be happy if I don't care
For this, I should not look here or there

For this, I should stand tall and not see
Exactly like a wisdom tree
Dry eyes wide open, without a wink
They are allowed only to think

Again I go to bouts of fear
Again the sad music starts far and near
Though I think, my heart and soul are clear
I don't know what comes out as tear

I must believe in the goodness of soul
I must see life as a whole
I must understand my life's goal
For God's sake, I must exert some control

I doubt this can ever be done
I even doubt the moon, and the sun
It may be done at the point of gun
Knock me down, let me be the one

Nothing can cure my melodrama
No morning, no light, no season in sight
In the curl of a sea, in my bed, towards right
I weep alone in my own delight

The sublime fruits of knowledge hang high,
Some are sour and some are sweet
Lying down in perversity of soul and circumstance
I need some salt, so I weep


julien sorel said...

it works brilliantly as a comic poem. hope that was your intent.

you are skilled at rhyming, you should try more of these.

wildflower seed said...

Keep on pushing! (borrowing from Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up", which you can listen to on my blog in a post called "Putting Your Doggy To Work", dated Oct 12, 2006)

Indrajith said...

I was just wondering that there was too much of effort to put in rhyming. I am not against rhyming, but this poem might have done well without that. I say, it can be better without that.

Not necessarily that should be called as a poem, but it conveys what was intended exactly in a better way.

Just don't stick on to the old and ugly rules to create new & beautiful things. Just see the following... No Rhyming.. isn't it good??

A world of dew,
and within every dewdrop
a world of struggle

The world? Moonlit
Drops shaken
From the crane's bill

In one gust
the last leaf decides:

One step
A hundred crickets

Old pond,
frog jumps in
- splash

These types give me the freedom to think about that in details. Missing the details for words is selling eyes for buying a painting.

Save your words... You might need them later.

anurag said...

Thanks Julien.

wfs. The song is really good. thanks.

Indrajith, you are right that there can be rhythm in poem without rhyming, but I think for a novice like me it difficult to achieve.

Missing details so that they can be filled by the reader is too risky to handle ;)

Next time I will try to write a missing-detail poem without rhyming, get ready with eggs and tomatoes :)