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Friday, September 01, 2006

Some Links.

1. I was reading about this book on Shakespeare which argues that Shakespeare has the major role in forming our idea of personality. Looks like a great book. Here and here are some reviews. Here is an excellent chat with the author, Harold Bloom, in the Charlie Rose show. Its a big book, but I will like to try it someday in my life. Read Chapter 1 here.

2. I watched Mike Leigh's Naked last night and its a brilliant film and films like Trainspotting seems kid to it. It is consistently bleak and has brilliant dialogues. It stars David Thewlis and Katrin Cartlidge. After finishing the film, I was reading about the film and found out that Katrin Cartlidge died on Sept 07, 2002. I dont know but she reminds me of Isabelle Huppert in some ways, may be because of her choice of films. I have seen her in Breaking the Waves and No Man's Land, but in her role as a junkie in Naked, she is absolutely marvelous. Here and here are some obituaries. Here are some clips from Naked.

3. Most of you must have seen it, but you can indulge all over again in this excellent video. The journalist who asks the question to Stephen Colbert in the audition tape is Senior white house correspondent Helen Thomas. Before asking the question, she says, "You're going to be sorry".

4. Seems like there was a Blog-a-thon for Code Unknown. Here is an excellent review ( it too has links to all other reviews that participated in the Blog-a-thon). This review is particularly interesting.

5. Here (Click under "George Galloway's Talk") is a link to a hot-blooded speech by George Galloway, where he describes what waters the swamp of hatred.

6. And here in Keir's blog, an interviewer asks Camus a very important and relevant question.


Alok said...

wow! you are spending lot of time on the internet... :)

okay my comments:

1. I once bought Bloom's book on Hamlet in which he makes similar claims. I never read it though.

2. Naked is a marvellous film. I had to watch it two or three times and a few scenes more than that to fully get the dialogues but it is absolutely brilliant. There are great sequences and I love the title score and the way the film ends.

Katrin Cartlidge was very good in Breaking the Waves too. Although it is difficult after watching that film to imagine that she could a play a role like this in Naked.

3. I had seen those code unknown posts but hadn't seen that particular one with photographs and texts. thats brilliant.

anurag said...

I didnt get all the dialogues fully, although I saw it twice. I think Katrin Cartlidge was very versalite. You know Dogville was dedicated to her. She was supposed to star in that too.

chumly said...

Wow thanks.

anurag said...

ur welcome, chumly