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Friday, July 22, 2005

The Hog Day !

Yesterday was my nth birthday, I ate all day and night. Its for all you missed the 'gluttonous-debauch' :)


The Lennon said...

Seems I missed some good shit dude

anurag said...

U Sure, dud !

Mridula said...

I can see the Pizza Hut logo in the picture. I am gald you enjoyed your stuff. I once ended up at Pizza Hut for our marriage annivesary dinner (not the place we normally go to, but it is another story) and the stuff was so bad, I cannot tell you.

anurag said...

I am basically Pizza lover and find Pizza hut's stuff good. Do try some other time, mebbe it was not a good day (Ohh...it was your marriage anniversary, sorry:)).

BTW, I didn't have whats shown in picture, I stick to my regular favorite, double cheese pizza :)

Anyway, what are your plans for the next voyage !