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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Day Dream

Last weekend I went to Bombay. There were usual beer and bakar sessions. It was sometime back that I did something, which I wanted to repeat with almost similar, if not enhanced effect. For this to duplicate, it required, above all, some friends that make my definition of drinking. Without them its not worth to get drunk or even to pose like one. For this we went to Bombay, seems stupid, but it is not so in the mildest sense. The effort is worth the hardship we faced to reach Bombay, we are inflicted with Bollywood cheapos in the bus, that too back to back, we cannot even listen to the music we carried in our iPods and Walkies. After getting to Bombay, first thing was not to waste another minute as sun started glowing and to stuff our stomachs with something heavy enough to gratify our mind that we are not hungry anymore and light enough to leave room for forthcoming rushes of chills. Once we prepared ourselves, all breathed deeply and saw the world around us, as it will not be the same.

Drinking is a pleasure as we cannot afford to do it daily. Over it, when ever we arrange these drinking session, they are all at night and we tend to amalgamate them with loud music, insensitive talks and some pelvic movements. So this effect of highness and aloneness is created out of a mixed effect, the core isn't neat, to mix it with all this, deeply undervalues the mystic powers of alcohol, and that hurts. Therefore the smart ones invented the refined art of drinking under sun and making hay. But drinking at day is an act of perseverance and for that you need a reliable and like-minded company and the sole goal of getting drunk. With no other distraction, day-light-drinking robs you of your senses slowly so that any honest drinker will not even find it out to resist . All this starts with very normal talks like what I did in my University and who is a bigger asshole, Salman or Shahrukh or where to invest in share market, and moves to more interesting topics like why we still don't have a girlfriend and I don't like my job and there is same shit everywhere and the more matured like when are you planning to get married. The rise is so deceptive that you will miss the very point that you are getting drunk.

To be drunk at afternoon is a amazing feeling, there is no worry as you can get fit for a second dip at night too. Those who haven't tried it, hurry up, take one afternoon off, get drunk, office seems like perforated enclosure and you can flatter out as a wordless humming bird. There are more benefits of drinking during day. One that comes fast to my mind is that there are no hangovers of such orgies. Other pleasure include watching sun through almost-closed eyes. Not only sun, but anything high, looks higher, when you are high. This is the best time to be with friends as nobody bothers a drunkard. Actually the best part is nothing knows exactly that others are drunk, although they all have dim perceptions but not too strong to confirm this in public. On the other hand its the worst part to be the only one in fake-senses, when every one is enjoying the lightness of heart and mind, then you tend to take the role of an over-caring mother or a over-whining girl-friend/wife, both needs to checked at any cost. Drinking at night does give us the arms of sleep in loud music but day light doesn't offer any such respite to abase or cut the highs and lows of an influenced man. A man should be allowed to take pleasure of his deeds, good or bad, that's inconsequential.

The effect of alcohol is slightly reduced by the cacophony of day and brightness of air but you hopefully wait for a good dusk of good booze. Once you get the twilight of day and night, it just reflects your state, seems to resonate with nature. This is the moment we fantasized while boarding the bus to Bombay, a perfect blend of nature with us. Such moments are rare, should be preserved in memory like a youthful rose or like lush green leaves of monsoon trees, very fresh, very lively, should be handled with care, with respect, with deep sense of pleasure of living.

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